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Mỹ phẩm VI Peel with Precision Plus

Giá bán: 9,720,000 đ

Giá khuyến mãi: 9,720,000 đ

Mỹ phẩm VI Peel with Precision Plus

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Mỹ phẩm VI Peel with Precision Plus

Your Peel For Sun Spots and Pigmented Skin
Hyperpigmentation is a condition when patches of skin become darker than the surrounding skin. Although it is usually harmless, it can be difficult to treat effectively. The VI Peel Precision Plus can help restore the skin tone you deserve.
Specifically formulated for pigmented skin
Reduces the appearance of age spots
Brightens even the most stubborn areas of discoloration
Smooths away rough skin texture
A simple, pain-free procedure
A proven treatment protocol that works synergistically with specific VI Derm products to enhance and extend your results

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